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DeeDee (2017)
collaboration with Lu Yim and Allie Hankins 

DeeDee is a docu-drama created in response to the direction of the city’s development. DeeDee comes in two parts, Part I is the fictional pop-up store TOTAL SELL OUT! featuring clothing for buildings and people. It ends with Part II, DeeDee ♥, The Bravo Lounge on November 25, 2017 , a pop-up karaoke bar resurrected by DeeDee and her friends.

DeeDee is a collaborative project of Lu Yim, Maggie Heath and Allie Hankins feat. clothing by Heen Chiu with appearances by yun chiu, maximilliano and Kel Dae, space provided by Works Progress Agency and Stephan of A1 Bird Bath.
Video editing and consultation by Kelly Rauer

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