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(2015 ) BFA Portland State University




(2023)            **upcoming** [siccer] Production Design for Will Rawls

(2022)            Production Management for Bethany Arts Community presenting Flyaway Productions' Apparatus of Repair

(2022)           /ə ˈsiŋgəl piŋk klɑʊd/, Prop/Hyena Design for Linda Austin + Allie Hankins

(2021)           Fronteriza, Prop and Video Design for Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble

(2021)           Technical Direction and Design assistance for Will Rawls [siccer] residency at Portland Institute for Contemporary Art

(2020)           The Bells that Still Can Ring, Scenic Installation for Portland Center Stage

(2020)           Weather Room, Prop Design for Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble

(2020)           Been Ready, Lighting + Set Design + Technical Direction, Rejoice! Diaspora Dance Theater

(2020)           Marie Antoinette, Wig Design for Lewis and Clark College

(2020)           Listening to Silence, Lighting Design + Technical Direction for Subashini Ganesan + Yashaswini Raghuram

(2020)           Beckett Women, Fabrication + Scenic Assistant for Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble

(2019)           Lighting Design + Technical Direction for New Expressive Works Residency Showcase

(2019)          Melancholy Play: A Musical, Prop Design for Third Rail Repertory Theatre

(2019)          Technical Direction for Portland Institute for Contemporary Art's Time Based Art Festival 2019

                       Projects: Miguel Gutierrez This Bridge Called My Ass, Anthony Hudson Looking for Tiger Lily, Nivhek + Guests Requiem

(2019)         Our Ruined House, Prop Design for Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble

(2018)          Technical Direction for Portland Institute for Contemporary Art's Time Based Art Festival 2018

                       Projects: Jumatatu Poe Let 'im Move You, Weird Allan Kaprow Self-Karaoke, Mariana Valencia Album

(2017)         Technical Direction for Portland Institute for Contemporary Art's Time Based Art Festival 2017

                       Projects: Will Rawls [sic], Dead Thoroughbred, Sara Magenheimer I Collect Neglected Venoms

(2016)         Lines of Pull, Performance installation with The Holding Project 

(2016)         better to be alone than to wish you were, sculptures for Allie Hankins' two-part solo performance for Portland Institute 

                      for Contemporary Art's Time Based Art Festival 2016


EXHIBITIONS and showings [solo marked with **]


(2018)         Blue on Blue on Blue,  Nationale, Portland OR. 

(2018)        **A sharp bend in center, The White Page Gallery, Minneapolis, MN. 

(2017)        DeeDee, Works Progress Agency, Portland OR. 

(2017)       Occupations, tests, Variform Gallery, Portland OR. 

(2017)       Quiet Until Something Falls, Erickson Gallery, Portland OR, collaboration w/ Emily Wobb

(2016)      **to pick up what we set down, Composition, Portland OR

(2016)       history is a hole, Fortune Gallery // hq Objective Portland OR

(2016)       Outdoor Sculpture Invitational, Clackamas Community College, Oregon City OR

(2016)       The Artist is Pleasant, ​PNCA B10 Gallery, Portland OR

(2015)      **​work on the ceiling because we can already feel the floor, Short Space, Portland OR. 

(2015)       20th Annual Recent Graduates Exhibition, Blackfish Gallery, Portland OR. 
(2015)       take care/make many BFA Thesis Exhibition, Portland State University Galleries, Portland OR. 

​(2015)       503/971 Juried Undergraduate Exhibition, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland OR. 
​                         Jurors: Kristan Kennedy, Robert Snowden, and Libby Werbel

​(2015)       wut guise, galleryHomeland, Portland OR

​(2015)       take care/make little, Locker 50b Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond Virginia

​(2014)       The PSU School of Art + Design Scholarship Exhibition, PSU AB Gallery, Portland OR

(2014)       Maelstrom, Surplus Space, Portland OR

(2014)       Shine a Light: A Book Fair At the Museum, Portland Art Museum, Portland OR

(2014)      **Systems in Red: Clothing, Timeshare Gallery, Portland OR

(2014)       Sculpture in Shattuck PSU School of Art and Design Open House, PSU Shattuck Hall, Portland OR

(2013)       The PSU School of Art + Design Scholarship Exhibition, PSU MK Gallery, Portland OR

(2012)       Student Art Exhibition: Made at Cascade.Juried Exhibition. PCC Cascade Gallery, Portland OR 



(2017)                         DeeDee, Installation, Pop-up Shop, Karaoke party in collaboration with Lu Yim and Allie Hankins

(2015-present)        Bronco Gallery, curatorial collaboration with Emily Wobb


(2020)             Drammy Award: Outstanding Property Design, Our Ruined House, Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble

(2017)             Career Opportunity Grant, Oregon Arts Commission

(2017-18)       Artist in Residency at The White Page Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

(2016)             Disjecta Performance Development Residency, Disjecta Contemporary Art Center

(2015)             Kamelia Massih Outstanding Student Prize in the Arts, Portland State University
(2015)             Honorable Mention: Arlene Schnitzer Visual Arts Prize, Portland State University

​(2015)             Presidents Award for Community Engagement, Portland State University
(2014)             Precipice Fund Grant Recipient Collaborator, with Gabe Flores for Surplus Space, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art

(2014)             Honorable Mention: Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture, International Sculpture Center

(2014)             Merit Scholarship: Richard Muller Endowed Scholarship, Portland State University
​(2013)             Merit Scholarship: Harry and Karen Groth Scholarship, Portland State University


(2016)       Alliance of Artists Communities Annual Conference. Pop-up Project: Bronco Gallery, Portland OR

(2015)       National Performance Network / Visual Artists' Network Conference: "Surplus Space" Portland Slide Jam. Collaborative

     presentation with Gabe Flores.

(2015)       Pacific Northwest College of Art Classroom Lecture: Bronco Gallery

(2015)       Special Guest: Pacific Northwest College of Art's MA in Critical Theory + Creative Research  Fall Colloquium at Caldera. 




​(2015)        ​The Art Gallery Inside a Ford Bronco, Portland Monthly                  

(2015)        Bronco Gallery Gets Around, 60 Inch Center 


(2020-2022)          Lumber Room: Preparator and Art Handler

(2021-2022)          Adams and Ollman: Preparator and Art Handler

(2016-2020)          Portland Institute for Contemporary Art: Head Preparator, TBA Festival Project Manager,

(2017-2019)          King School Museum of Contemporary Art, Preparator

(2017)                     Portland Institute for Contemporary Art: Creative Exchange Lab coordinator

(2017)                 Studio Assistant for Hilary Pfeifer

(2015-2020)          Studio Assistant for Brenda Mallory

(2015)                     Littman and White Galleries: Co-Curator
(2015)                     Studio Assistant for Robert Off​
(2015)                     Portland Institute for Contemporary Art: Visual Art Intern for Kristan Kennedy
(2014-2015)          Littman and White Galleries: Gallery Preparator
(2014-2015)          Surplus Space: Advisory Board
(2014-2020)          Studio Assistant for Melissa Stiles, Stubborn Stiles
(2014-2015)          Studio Assistant for Vicki Lynn Wilson
(2014)                     Teacher's Assistant for Erik Geschke's Mold Making Course at Portland State University
(2014)                     Studio Assistant for Erik Geschke





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