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Blue on Blue on Blue — Nationale (2018)

Blue on Blue on Blue opens at Nationale as a month-long pop-up series curated by Luiza Lukova & Emma Christ. Divided into three parts, each week-long exhibition seeks to transform the gallery space with regards to materiality, presence, self-portraiture, and the color blue. The three artists featured present a variety of mediums and means of expression, while still succinctly embodying a unified theme that allows their shows to live sequentially in the gallery space. 

Driven by a desire to make visible the structure that exists beneath the surface, Maggie Heath’s installation serves as an entry into the unseen skeletal system that supports and at times muddles our existence. Also working within the themes of layering and unveiling, Heath draws inspiration from ice formations, foggy Minnesota winters, and the physical reactions of the body to certain external pressures. By considering and manipulating light, stability, and perception in her installation she breaks past the visible surface of the gallery space to expose the most minute materials of our existence. Playing with textures, movement, and fog, she highlights the simultaneous ephemerality and vitality that can be imposed by boundaries, just as easily as it can be dismantled. She asks, how is weight bared? How does emotion linger? How can we experience both at once? 

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